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"A Leader in Ag-Preservation"
-State of Michigan Proclamation
Home to First, Original Barns of Michigan
“Thank you for preserving family farm and barn heritage, an important part of Michigan’s  history.” 
Former Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
BARN DOOR PUBLISHING LLC, Est. 2000 for the purpose of honoring and paying tribute to our great generational family farmers and barn owners, and those preserving the barns yesterday and today. Our difference is multiple and the heartbeat of our mission remains the same; Barn Door Publishing was founded to serve the stories and images preserving for posterity cherished agricultural heritage; we were the first to produce and publish Barns of Michigan and Michigan Farms & Farm Families after lengthy, 60,000 mile quest acquiring first-hand accounts with accompanying image through personal on-site farm and barn visits; from the beginning we worked tirelessly to credit the farmers and barn owners not only for their stories, but also their barns images; our unique goal continues to give farmers and barn-related oral histories the opportunity to share their story with as little editing as possible (versus typical publishers hiring editors to change narrative); and after 30-plus years of documenting we're still at it. It's what we're called to do.   

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"Over the years I've been asked, 'Why did you name your publishing company, Barn Door?' My answer has always been the same.  

Decades before the recent fad of barn door décor, barn doors were an important part of my life not only as an adult canvassing barns throughout the state, but as a young girl growing up on a former dairy farm. I lived and breathed for time inside the big red barn on the farmstead, and the barn door was the gateway. Simply, when I opened the barn door, I opened my world. Although the barn door was cumbersome to open, I managed each time admiring its rugged sturdiness built by the former farmer, seemingly akin to my pioneer ancestor and barn builders. With the barn door opened I could see the countryside all the while tending animals and cleaning stalls. Up the ladder into the large hayloft, I would sit for hours near a small hayloft door looking out over the farmscape, and wrote about the surrounding barns, and farms. I loved it all. 

I determined to write a book someday about the barns and farms. 

Years later, I began my 60,000 mile personal quest and barn doors was the entryway into scores 
of farmer's barns where I happily discovered never-before-told stories. 

Naturally, when it came to naming our publishing company only one name came to mind; 
Barn Door Publishing. Barn Door Publishing embodied the nontraditional outlook on life even 
as a child passionate and fascinated by the enormous farm buildings that seemed to be beaconing 
me more each year to get their stories, and capture their images before it was too late. I believe
barns (and farms) are historic treasures deserving our time, attention and resources. 
Barn Door Publishing was birthed out of these deep feelings together with a great amount of love
and painstaking care. As a Michigan pioneer farm family descendant it is my privilege to give overdue
honor and tribute to our farmers, ranchers and barn owners of yesterday and today." 

BDP's Book History
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Brenda Ervin, Author & Photographer of Barn Door Publishing Founder
Photo by BDP c. 1996

 "As a girl in the hayloft of a big red barn I longed to discover the stories behind the barns, and farms. I wanted to discover who built the barns, why did they build them, what did they use them for…and  did farmers like to farm? Did farm women like to farm? I was determined to discover the stories…” Brenda Ervin, Barns of Michigan Award-Winning Author & Photographer, Decades-Long Veteran Journalist