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"A Leader in Ag-Preservation"
-State of Michigan Proclamation
Home to First, Original Barns of Michigan
“Thank you for preserving family farm and barn heritage, an important part of Michigan’s  history.” 
Former Governor Jennifer M. Granholm


Barns of Michigan 
First, Original, Decades-Long Capturing & Chronicling Rural Heritage & Landscape  

  “Thank you for preserving this important part of Michigan’s history in Barns of Michigan, through your book are farming heritage will remain alive.”  

“It’s great, I love Barns of Michigan! What a labor of love.” 
Ken Burns, Florentine Films 

“Ervin’s books are set part from other barn books because of the many stories she includes of individuals who built and care for these historic barns. It’s her individual stories that make these old buildings come alive.” Mary Humstone, BARN AGAIN! National Trust  

“Thank you for preserving our important agricultural heritage” 
Michigan Dept. of Agriculture  

 “Ervin’s passion is evident, she documents not only wood and stone, but the heart and soul of a vanishing art form.” Judy Burns, Livingston County Historical Society 

“Brenda Ervin’s books are great and keeps our barns and farms preserved” 
~Michigan Barn Preservation Network 

“Your handsome book brought back many warm memories from my early years in Michigan!” Actor Charlton Heston 

“Excellent advocate for family farms, showing their historic, social and economic functions on the Michigan landscape…The chapter on women and their role as keepers of the farm and builders of barns is particularly insightful...Brenda Ervin’s photographs of the barns are fascinating.” Cornelia Butler Flora, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of North Central Regional Center for Rural Development, Iowa State  

“Ervin’s book’s captures through farm people what it is about farm life and farm buildings they see as compelling. It was completed with investment of time and makes a wonderful contribution in documenting the voice and emotions of many who may otherwise have been unheard.” Hemalata C. Dandekar, Ph.D.,  

 “Brenda Ervin’s beautiful and visually moving photographs capture the essence of Michigan’s agriculture heritage which is our family farms and barns.” Michigan Artists Gallery 

“Michigan barns are disappearing but Ervin is committed to keeping their stories alive.” The Flint Journal 

 “Brenda Ervin is doing a real service for us all who need to remember our rural heritage, and never forget. Without a doubt, she is a Michigan treasure.” Barry Stutesman and Dell Vaughan, Producers, PBS Michigan Magazine 

“I love the way you wrote about my farm, and barns. I’m going to pass your book down to my grandchildren.” Leo Dolehanty, 3rd Generational Farmer, Shiawassee County 

“You’ve done a lot for Michigan and for agriculture. Your writing and pictures of our family farm is really something. Thank you for taking the time to do all this work on our behalf.” John C. Evatt, 5th Generational Farmer, Genesee Cty 

 “Ervin’s books cover many aspects of history, they make great teaching tools.” Detroit Parent Teacher’s Magazine 

“Your presentation was truly engrossing and substantial! The time and effort put into compiling your wonderful books boggles everyone’s mind!” Grand Blanc Heritage Association 

“Brenda’s books are incredible, so much of our American’s spiritual and agricultural history, you’d never know by her humble demeanor she’s remarkably accomplished so much!” Stephanie V. Slavin, Fortune 500 Advisor 

 “Ervin’s books are wonderful keeping our barns preserved…she’s doing what no one else is doing.” Michigan Barn Preservation Network’s Past President, Leo Fitzpatrick  


"Brenda Ervin is a pioneer..." Dr.Richard Murphy, TCT Host &Theologian
"We need to get behind these people (BDP)who've given so much to keep our agricultural
heritage alive. They were working to preserve family farm and barn heritage 
-Julia Helig, Michigan Dairy Farmer, (above) 
Memorial Day Weekend Celebrating our Rural  Veterans sponsored by BDP